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What is Vulcan Park Foundation?

Vulcan® Park Foundation is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that preserves and promotes Vulcan as the symbol for the Birmingham region, to advance knowledge and understanding of Birmingham’s history and culture, and to encourage exploration of the region. Your gifts are needed to help keep Vulcan Park and Museum beautiful and accessible for more than 125,000 people each year—including over 12,000 children on field trips.

How will your contribution benefit Vulcan Park & Museum?

With your support, we are able to provide high-quality museum tours, educational, and cultural experiences for visitors of all ages. Your generous donations also help maintain the observation tower and pay for Vulcan’s annual checkup each year. Finally, your contributions and membership dues are an investment in our region’s potential. They ensure that Vulcan stands proud atop Red Mountain for future generations to enjoy! Please make your contribution now.

How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about the museum and our programs, continue browsing our website or call us at 205.933.1409. To discuss a special gift or to learn about other giving opportunities, contact the Development Coordinator at 205.933.1409 x111. Thank you considering a gift to Vulcan Park Foundation! Donations to Vulcan Park Foundation are tax-deductible according to Internal Revenue Service Code 501 (c)(3). Vulcan Park Foundation exemplifies good stewardship of its resources and maintains a policy of financial transparency. Information about our financial standing is available to the public at

Ways to Give

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Vulcan Park and Museum hosts many events that speak to our mission. Your support for these events goes a long way in helping prolong our mission of educating the Birmingham community of our history and encouraging them to explore it.


Planned Giving

The Pride and Potential Club: A Legacy Society supporting Vulcan Park Foundation

Gifts from estate plans including wills, appreciated stock , real property, insurance, retirement, annuity and trusts can be an important source of support for the annual operating budget.  They can preserve Vulcan Park and Museum for years to come and create a legacy that ensures visitors can continue to enjoy the park grounds, gain exposure to regional culture and history and view Birmingham from Vulcan’s perspective for generations to come. They can provide support when fundraising dollars dip or giving trends change.

If you have included, or would like more information about including, Vulcan Park and Museum in your estate plan, would you let us know?  We would like to invite you into our The Pride and Potential Club and acknowledge your thoughtful concern for the future of our organization.

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Brick Pavers: Ideal for Every Moment

Whether you want to memorialize, honor or celebrate a special occasion, a brick paver is a perfect way to do so. Set on our picturesque grounds, these pavers also make a unique gift.

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