April 08, 2021

‘STAND WITH VULCAN’ Distinct Car Tag Available for Pre-Commits


Birmingham, Ala.– Vulcan Park Foundation is pleased to announce a new specialty license plate is now available to residents of Alabama who want to show their support of Vulcan Park & Museum.

The state of Alabama recently approved Vulcan Park & Museum to begin securing commitments for its new ‘STAND WITH VULCAN’ specialty license plate. The ‘STAND WITH VULCAN’ tag will provide valuable funding to support Vulcan Park & Museum’s mission to preserve and promote Vulcan as the symbol for the Birmingham region, to advance knowledge and understanding of Birmingham’s history and culture and to encourage exploration of the region.

Before the state of Alabama can produce the specialty tag, a minimum requirement of 1,000 commitments must be met by May 31, 2022. Supporters may purchase the ‘STAND WITH VULCAN’ tag for $50 at VISITVULCAN.COM.  Of that amount, $41.25 will go directly to Vulcan Park Foundation to ensure Vulcan stands proud atop Red Mountain for future generations to enjoy.

Vulcan Park and Museum President and CEO Darlene Negrotto believes the offering of the distinctive tag will allow people from across the entire state, not only Birmingham, to share their love of Vulcan. “Vulcan stands not only for the Birmingham region but for the entire state. Many across the state have made cherished memories with Vulcan, from childhood visits to romantic proposals and weddings. ” Negrotto said. “With this new tag, it is our hope that these precious memories continue to live on and many more can be made.

To learn more, contact Amanda Hare, Relationship Outreach Coordinator at 205.203.4824 or email ahare@visitvulcan.com.