Birmingham History Collection

The Birmingham History Center was created in 2005 by the Jefferson County Historical Association. It operated as Birmingham’s first city history museum and was located in the Young & Vann Building downtown from 2010 to 2013. In October 2013, the museum was forced to move when they were unable to renew their lease. As a result, all of the contents of their exhibits were relocated into a climate-controlled storage facility with certain collections placed in the display cases set around the city.

In January 2018, the boards of both the Birmingham History Center and Vulcan Park and Museum decided to merge the two organizations officially. Now the Birmingham History Center Collections at Vulcan Park and Museum remains housed in climate-controlled storage with artifacts from the collection still rotating through displays around the city and Vulcan Park and Museum’s Linn-Henley Gallery.

Vulcan Park and Museum has plans to bring the Jefferson County Historical Association’s forward-thinking dream of a comprehensive history museum for the city of Birmingham to life! There are many museums located in Birmingham that tell their version of our city’s unique story, but Vulcan plans to tie all of these stories together into one.

Linn-Henley Gallery

For decades, the story of baseball in Birmingham was two stories. There was the Birmingham Barons, the city’s all-white baseball team once owned by illustrious iron magnate Rick Woodward and, later, businessman Charles O. Finley. And there was the Birmingham Black Barons, the Negro League powerhouse whose ranks included at various times both Satchell Page and Willie Mays.