February 08, 2014

Vulcan Drink Competition


Birmingham, AL- In commemoration of Vulcan’s 110th Birthday, Clyde May’s Whiskey (the official state spirit of Alabama) and Vulcan Park and Museum have partnered to present the Vulcan Drink Contest on February 9, 2014. The contest will involve some of Birmingham’s best mixologists (including some of the most highly-regarded bartenders from restaurants around town). The contest will be judged by venerated connoisseurs in the area, including Bernie Smith (Blue Monkey), Scott Hardeshell (USBC) and Haller Magee (Satterfield’s). The contenders will be judged in originality, taste balance and presentation. The winner of the contest will be unveiled to the general public at Vulcan’s Birmingham Revealed program on Thursday, February 13 and will be available at a variety of Vulcan Park and Museum events throughout the year.


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