June 11, 2020

The Vulcans Community Awards Spotlight: Cecilia Pearson

Positivity.  Creativity.  Innovation.  Add these fine qualities to a selfless love of community, and you have Cecilia Pearson, Founder and CEO of Babypalooza.

A natural event organizer and entrepreneur, Cecilia is a lifelong Birmingham resident dedicated to the betterment of others.

Among her many contributions to the wellbeing and success of the Birmingham community, Cecilia created Babypalooza as a free resource to help equip mothers and fathers on their parental journey.

What began as a magazine and creative outlet has for 15 years helped educate, inform and encourage new and expectant parents across Alabama and surrounding states.

Maternal and infant mortality in Alabama is some of the highest in the country.  Education and access to resources has been proven to address this serious issue.  Through the Babypalooza baby and maternity expos, Babypalooza magazine and now the app, Babypalooza is a game changer, helping parents connect to each other and to local resources, assuring that no parent feels alone or isolated.

More recently, through the app and website, parents can find copious information about navigating their family through Covid-19.

While the baby expos originally scheduled for March – October have been rescheduled, there is a virtual baby expo to help parents find products and services they need.  There are videos, coupons and information from vendors as well.

Go to https://www.babypalooza.com/ for more information.

Cecilia’s Vulcan-sized civic commitment to potential, expecting and new parents is an inspiration and worthy of recognition.  The efforts of Babypalooza carry the promise of support and care for our community’s new families.

Thank you, Cecilia for being a Game Changer!

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