July 23, 2015

Local Author Book Signing at Vulcan Park and Museum

Get a Taste of Craft Brewing in AL’s Magic City 

Local pens title chronicling beer history in Birmingham

Birmingham Beer is the newest addition to The History Press’ American Palate series. The book is by local author, Carla Jean Whitley and is set to release on July 27, 2015. The book features a full color image insert and tasty history of Birmingham’s craft brewing.

Less than fifteen years after the birth of Birmingham, its brewing history began, and soon saloons dotted nearly every corner. Prohibition, however, decimated the brewing scene for eighty-five years. Although national Prohibition began in 1920, Jefferson County voted to go dry in 1907. Alabama beer saw a brief resurgence after the Brewpub Act of 1992, as craft beer’s popularity grew nationwide. But the brewpubs and breweries that emerged struggled against the state’s restrictive laws, which included such stipulations as locating brewpubs in historic districts and limiting beer bottle sizes to sixteen ounces. By the time grass-roots lobbying organization Free the Hops formed in 2004 to fight those restrictive laws, every Birmingham brewery had closed. Join author Carla Jean Whitley as she uncovers the struggle to make local beer a Birmingham staple.

Meet the author on August 15 from 1-3 pm at Vulcan Park & Museum

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