2022 The Vulcans Award Honorees

  • Dr. Jesse Lewis Liftetime Achievement Award
  • Bradley Johnson Hero
  • Dr. Mark Wilson Game Changer
  • Lawrence Sheffield Servant Leader

2022 Spear Award Honorees

  • Susann Montgomery Clark Hero
  • Jospephine Lowery Game Changer
  • Kelly Greene Servant Leader

2020 The Vulcans Award Honorees

  • Dr. Perry Ward Liftetime Achievement Award
  • Madison Kerns Conrad Hero
  • Amanda Storey Game Changer
  • T. Marie King Servant Leadership

2020 Spear Award Honorees

  • Milton King Hero
  • Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Moreman Hero
  • Keith Richards Game Changer
  • Alicia Johnson Williams Game Changer
  • Dr. Karim Budwhani Servant Leadership
  • Quan & Nga Nguyen Servant Leadership

2019 The Vulcans Award Honorees

  • Cathy Sloss Jones Liftetime Achievement Award
  • Loretta Herring Hero
  • Mark W.C. Martin Newcomer
  • Buddy Palmer Game Changer
  • Uma Srivastava Servant Leadership

2019 Spear Award Honorees

  • Mary White and Shaunta Woods Hero
  • Charity Moore and Mary Helmer Newcomer
  • Kristina Scott and Adrienne Starks Game Changer
  • Joan Witherspoon-Norris and LaTonya Smith Servant Leadership

2018 Vulcan Award Honorees

  • Dr. Charles “Scotty” McCallum Jr. Lifetime Achievement
  • Sean Fredella Hero
  • J.W. Carpenter Servant Leadership
  • Edward Aldag Jr Game Changer
  • Jenny Short Newcomer

2018 Spear Award Honorees

  • Timothy Alexander and Austin Perine Hero
  • Lisa Borden and Marvell Bivins Servant Leadership
  • Brian Hawkins and Dr. Hollie Cost Game Changer
  • Christopher Nanni and Lizzi Wilkerson Newcomer

2017 Vulcans Award Honorees

  • Charles Collat Sr Lifetime Achievement
  • Jesse Frank Hero
  • Keiah L. Shauku Servant Leadership
  • Thomas W. Thagard III Game Changer
  • Dr. Henna Budwani Newcomer

2017 Spear Award Honorees

  • Sgt Aaron Causey and J.D. Simpson Hero
  • Sherriff R. John Samaniego and Michelle Bearman-Wolnek Servant Leadership
  • Giles G. Perkins and Hatton C. Smith Game Changer
  • Drs. Julian Maha & Michele Kong and Dan Drinkard Newcomer

2016 Vulcan Award Honorees

  • Odessa Woolfolk Lifetime Achievement
  • John Croyle Hero
  • Carrie Leland Servant Leadership
  • Tom Cosby Game Changer
  • Dr. Henna Budhwani Newcomer

2016 Spear Award Honorees

  • Tajuan McCarty and James Strong Hero
  • Bill Heintz and Philip Morris Servant Leadership
  • Dr. Jarralynne Agee and Jim Wooten Game Changer
  • Victoria Hollis and Daniel Branum Newcomer

2015 Vulcan Award Honorees

  • Dr. Judy M. Merritt Lifetime Achievement
  • Sergeant Noah Galloway Hero
  • Dr. Sandra and Rev. Henry Ford Servant Leadership
  • Coach Bill Clark Game Changer
  • Dr. John W. Stewart III Newcomer

2015 Spear Award Honorees

  • Dr. Zenko J. Hrynkiw and Ms. Vanessa Jones Hero
  • Mrs. Kerri Pruitt and Mrs. Tonya Willigham Servant Leadership
  • Dr. Anthony C. Hood and Mr. John C. Lyons Jr. Game Changer
  • Mr. Matt Crane and Ms. Kaneshia Sims Newcomer

2014 Vulcan Award Honorees

  • Dr. Cameron Vowell Lifetime Achievement
  • Dr. Shelley Stewart Hero
  • Chief A.C. Roper Servant Leadership
  • Mr. Mike Warren Game Changer
  • General Charles Krulak Newcomer

2014 Spear Award Honorees

  • Ashley DeRamus and Mr. Kerry McInerney Hero
  • Mr. Marco Morosini and Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Jan Thrower Servant Leadership
  • Wendy Jackson and Mr. Randall Woodfin Game Changer
  • Ms. Monique Gardner-Witherspoon, Ph.D and Mr. Matthew Hamilton Newcomer