Five to ten life-size fiberglass Vulcans will be painted, adorned and magically transformed by local artists, sponsored by businesses and individuals and benefiting Vulcan Park and Museum. These Vulcans will be ‘on parade’ throughout the seven-county Birmingham metro area for a minimum of two years.

The aim to bring additional Vulcans will be ongoing. These Vulcans will give organizations multiple chances to bring visitors to their establishments. Net proceeds from “Vulcans on Parade” will help further Vulcan Park and Museum’s mission to preserve and promote Vulcan as the symbol for the Birmingham region, advance knowledge and understanding of Birmingham’s history and culture, and encourage exploration of the region.

Artist Information

The Vulcans will go ‘on parade’ after the completion of both fabrication and artist artwork of the ten statues included in Phase III. The Vulcans will remain on display for two years.


Vulcans on Parade is open to all artists, from the acclaimed to the amateur. Painters, sculptors, craftsmen, multi-media artists, and other wildly creative people are encouraged to apply.

Vulcan Park and Museum’s Junior Leadership Board is now accepting proposals from artists who wish to participate in the “Vulcans on Parade” project. Each artist whose design is selected for exhibition will be provided with a life-size, blank fiberglass Vulcan and will be gifted a $1,000 honorarium upon completion and acceptance of their painted Vulcan.



Send an original and two (2) copies of each of the following: completed Artist Application, your proposed design(s), a brief statement about your design, and the signed Copyright Assignment to:

VPM Junior Leadership Board C/o Vulcans on Parade
1701 Valley View Drive Birmingham, Alabama 35209

Application Review

Vulcan Park and Museum’s Junior Leadership Board (JLB) will review your application as soon as it is submitted to ensure that it complies with the guidelines. If approved, your design will become part of the portfolio shown to project sponsors for selection. Vulcan Park and Museum’s JLB encourages artists to submit proposals as soon as possible so that we can assemble a sizeable and diverse portfolio for review by sponsors and because sponsors will begin selecting their Vulcan designs as they join the project.

Artists will not be notified if they are not selected by a sponsor since the sponsor selection process continues as sponsors join the project. Please feel free to contact us to check on the status of the sponsor selection process.

Following Application Submission; One month to review

Production of Vulcan

Once their rendering has been approved by the Junior Leadership Board, artists will have 30 days after receiving their fiberglass Vulcan to paint their Vulcan in their studios or homes. Artists will be responsible for transporting their Vulcan to and from their studios or workspaces.

Statue Details

Approximate dimensions for the Vulcan are below:

3’ wide x 3’ deep x 8’ tall
Girth – 3’ around waist
Weight – Approximately 100 lbs.

The Vulcans are manufactured from fiberglass. Full details on the recommended method of altering the Vulcans will be provided to artists selected to complete Vulcans.

Paints, Topcoats and Weatherproofing

Vulcans will be placed in areas fully accessible to the public. Although a few Vulcans may be in indoor locations, most will be outdoors. In creating a design, please consider carefully the weather and other elements of nature, including sun, rain, wind and dirt. We cannot guarantee whether a given Vulcan can be placed indoors or in a weather-protected location.

Additionally, “Vulcans on Parade” is an interactive display that allows the public to touch and feel the designs. As such, designs should be created with durability and public safety concerns in mind. Although objects may be attached to the Vulcans, artists should be aware that vandalism can occur. Any object used in the design should be attached in such a way that it cannot be easily removed.

The surface of each Vulcan is primed by the manufacturer. Unless you have altered the exterior of your Vulcan, you will not need to reapply a primer. Acrylic paint, artificial resin paint or two-component paint can be used to paint the Vulcans. Manufacturer recommendations for painting will be provided by the Vulcan Park and Museum’s Junior Leadership Board (JLB).

A minimum of three coats of varnish is required using a two-part, hard gloss varnish. This step is critical to the ultimate durability of your Vulcan. The Vulcan(s) returned not meeting all criteria may not be exhibited.

Installation and Repair of Vulcans

Artists will not be responsible for the installation or removal of the statue, as the JLB will manage this process. Artists should, however, be available for any possible touch-up work that may be required once the exhibit is underway.

Design Guidelines

Artists should bear in mind that the audience will be broad-based and of all ages, and designs should be appropriate for public display. Designs that are religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted.

Additionally, neither corporate logos nor advertising is allowed. As outlined below, designs will be evaluated to ensure they conform to these guidelines. VPM’s Junior Leadership Board may reject any design that, in its sole discretion, does not adhere to these guidelines.


By submitting your application, you confirm that:

  1. You are the original creator of your design.
  2. You have not copied anyone else’s original work.
  3. Your design does not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights (for example, trademark, copyrights, trade dress, design patent).
  4. To the extent anyone else has contributed to your design, you shall obtain a signed, written agreement from that person assigning allof their rights in their contribution to you.

You will receive an honorarium of $1,000 within 30 days of the completion and acceptance of the Vulcan. Vulcan Park and Museum will continue to own the entire right, title and interest in your design proposal, accompanying sketches and all derivative works, including the final work completed on the fiberglass Vulcan. You will be acknowledged as the artist on a plaque attached to the concrete base of the statue and in appropriate publications. However, the copyrights, including the rights to reproduce your design, create copies, reprint your design in books or etc., will be owned by Vulcan Park and Museum.

If your design is not approved or selected for exhibition, Vulcan Park and Museum shall assign the entire right, title and interest in your design back to you.

Vulcans on Parade Artist Application

An application for local and regional artists to express interest in designing a Vulcan on Parade statue.

  • Please attach an additional document with a brief description of yourself and your Vulcan design.
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf, jpg, png, Max. file size: 2 MB.
  • Please upload an additional document with a brief description of yourself and your Vulcan design.
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf, jpg, png, Max. file size: 2 MB.
  • Please complete your proposed design on one of the outlines provided. Please feel free to enlarge these shapes if desired; however, please do not submit designs larger than 8.5” x 11”. Note that the more complete your design, the easier it will be for the panel and our patrons to review your submission. Please note that all application materials become the property of Vulcan Park and Museum, and no materials can be returned to the artist. Please keep a copy of your application for your records.
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf, jpg, png, Max. file size: 2 MB.
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