August 06, 2020

The Vulcans Community Awards Spotlight: T. Marie King

T. Marie King is in her element. She’s up to bat…and the bases are loaded. She’s just hit the ball out of the ballpark. A game changer. A modern-day heroine, she is a civil rights activist, leader, facilitator, speaker, mentor, and trainer who has long been an advocate and champion of racial reconciliation and social justice.

She combines her passion for the arts with her purpose of activism. With degrees in Urban and Global Economic Development and in Leadership and Divinity, she is a trained facilitator on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation through the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. She has been nationally recognized for her work.

Born and raised in Birmingham she works with leaders, groups, and organizations throughout the city, state, and country. She is a bridge builder with an authentic voice who empowers people and creates pathways where peace and healing can take root. Her goal is for voices to be heard and hearts and minds to be opened and forever changed.

For years she has been diligently working in the trenches – almost quietly but with great intentionality. Through workshops and training events, she brings people to the table and facilitates real conversation about diversity, personal bias, empathy and racial obstacles in an honest, candid and impactful way. She creates spaces where all races and people are heard, honored, valued, and have permission to dig down deep and ask hard questions.

Leading with her humble heart, T. Marie is deeply connected to the people and city of Birmingham. Seeking to build bridges and solidify connectivity, she is on the pulse of the city’s political, social, and cultural activity. Her voice can be heard on social media as a key source of community engagement about issues and events on diversity and race.

The recent incidents of police brutality that have exposed the bitter roots of systemic racial injustices and prejudices are precipitating social outrage and unrest, and at the center of this historical intersection is T. Marie King. She is the pinch hitter – a heroic and courageous leader who, like Vulcan, is a seismic catalyst in bringing about powerful, essential social change and justice through peace. Play ball T. Marie!