March 23, 2016

“The Life of Louise Wooster” Returns to the Stage at Vulcan® Park and Museum

Birmingham, Ala. — The life of Birmingham’s legendary 19th century “madam” and humanitarian, Louise (Lou) Wooster, will be portrayed on stage at Vulcan® Park and Museum on Wednesday, April 6 at 5:30 p.m., in partnership with the UAB School of Public Health. The original performance commissioned by Vulcan® Park and Museum, first took the stage in 2015 as a part of the popular Birmingham Revealed cultural series.

This hysterical, one-woman drama, “Determination, Drama, and Daring: The Life of Louise Wooster,” written and performed by local playwright Ellise Mayor, will uncover the colorful life of Lou Wooster. Her story is not only one of overcoming financial and social obstacles, but of living up to personal principles, selflessly contributing to society and giving back to those less fortunate, regardless of social stigma.

Prior to the performance, the UAB School of Public Health will recognize the 2016 Lou Wooster Public Health Hero Award recipient. This annual award recognizes individuals, groups, or organizations who are unconventional public health heroes. The award is named in honor of Lou Wooster who risked her own death by caring for the sick and dying during the 1873 cholera epidemic in Birmingham. The 2016 co-recipients are Patrick Packer and Jerri Haslem, co-founders of Black People Run Bike and Swim.

General admission is $10 and $8 for Vulcan® Park and Museum members. Students will be admitted for $5. To learn more or to purchase your tickets see