September 02, 2022

Manufacture Good Partners With Vulcan Park & Museum for The World Games 2022 Commemorative Vulcan Trophies

Birmingham, Ala. – Manufacture Good and Vulcan Park and Museum are proud to announce The World Games 2022 Vulcan trophies available for pre-order for a limited time only. 

A limited edition of The World Games 2022 Vulcan trophies, created exclusively for The World Games 2022 athletes, by Manufacture Good, located in Birmingham, are now available for pre-order. The Vulcan trophies will be available for pre-order, online at

The trophies, created as a replica of Vulcan, the symbol of Birmingham, weigh 1.25 pounds, made of steel. The numbered, limited edition, trophies, are etched on the bottom with their collector’s number.

The Manufacture Good exists to create purpose-filled opportunities for unemployed 18–35-year-old men. Learn more at

Local businesses, communities, or individuals who would like to purchase the collector’s trophies, can click here