July 18, 2016

A Look into Vulcan’s Venue with Borrowed and Blue Birmingham [ Q&A ]

Borrowed and Blue BlogbannerheaderBorrowed and Blue Blog picbannerVulcan Park and Museum recently teamed up with Borrowed and Blue, a locally-focused online wedding resource, to give couples a go-to resource for learning more about our venue and event services.

Here’s Borrowed & Blue’s interview with Morgan Berney of Vulcan Park and Museum:

  1. What makes Vulcan Park and Museum different than other Birmingham wedding venue? Young and Old. Modern and Classic. It’s a fusion that makes Birmingham truly magical. At Vulcan Park and Museum, we’re a perfect blend of past and present, representing the spirit of our city. With breathtaking views and a modern, yet timeless charm, Vulcan Park and Museum will make your special day unforgettableBorrowed-and-Birmingham2
  2. How many guests can the space accommodate? 200 (120 seated)
  3. What specific services are included in your rental fee? Indoor/outdoor event spaces, select group of experienced caterers, on-site event facility manager, guest access to museum & observation tower, free parking/valet optional, handicap accessible, A/V equipment/iPod compatible, wireless internet access, usage available seven days a week
  4. How many different event spaces do couples have to choose from? Three. Couples can choose from the two outdoor spaces, the Vulcan Plaza and the City Overlook, and the indoor venue called Electra.  Or, arrangements can be made to incorporate a combination of all three.
  5. Do you have another option in case of inclement weather? Yes, our indoor event venue, Electra, is ideal for weddings. The venue still enjoys the same views as the outdoor spaces.Borrowed-and-Birmingham1
  6. Can couples bring in outside vendors to work with? Are there any in-house vendors that you offer? The only vendors that must be used are our preferred caterers. We offer a wide variety of caterers that are all so wonderful to work with.  Any other outside vendors are welcome!Borrowed-and-Birmingham3
  7. How far in advance do you suggest couples book their venue space? One year.
  8. How can couples make an appointment to see Vulcan Park and Museum? Contact our event management team by emailing event@visitvulcan.com or calling 205-933-1409 x.110. More information can be found at www.visitvulcan.com/plan-an-event or, follow our pinterest boards at www.pinterest.com/visitvulcan.Simple Color (65)

Inspired? If you’re looking for a venue, check out Vulcan Park and Museum. For all of your other wedding planning needs (you’re going to need one of the talented Birmingham wedding photographers out there to capture that beautiful space!) check out Borrowed and Blue.

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