Vulcan is 120! Birmingham’s icon has had quite a life, starting with promoting the city to the world in 1904, and keeping an eye on us all from his tower since the 1930s. Although he is currently in pristine health and well cared for, that cannot be said for all of Vulcan’s existence. The iron man was close to being scrapped before Vulcan Park Foundation stepped up to raise funds and save our beloved icon. 

Vulcan at 120: Celebrating Birmingham’s Iconic Iron Man tells the story of Vulcan’s auspicious beginnings representing the city and state at the 1904 World’s Fair, his decline in the 1990s, and how the community rallied to repair and restore not only the beloved statue, but his park, too. Featuring rarely seen photos and memorabilia from the Vulcan Park Foundation Collection, this exhibit reminds us all how powerful and important symbols can be, and why it’s important to preserve our past.


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