October 04, 2017

Significant Work to Begin on the Lighting System Surrounding Vulcan

Kiwanis Centennial Project Moves Forward Into Next Phase 

WHO: Birmingham residents, Vulcan Park and Museum visitors, Anyone who can see Vulcan

WHAT: Complete replacement of the lighting systems surrounding Vulcan, including Vulcan’s pedestal lighting and the lighting on the statue itself, as a part of the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham’s Centennial Project

WHEN: October through December 2017

WHERE: Vulcan Park and Museum | 1701 Valley View Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209

WHY: Renovations on the north side of Vulcan Park are currently taking place as a part of the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham’s Centennial Project. Beginning in early October and continuing through the end of the year (approximately three months), thelighting around Vulcan’s pedestal and on the statue itself will be impacted as a part of the renovation progress. The current lighting systems are being completely replaced to allow for a new, more enhanced LED lighting system. The public will notice variations to the lighting surrounding Vulcan including “going dark” at times throughout this time span. For the enhanced enjoyment of evening guests, the museum inside Vulcan Center will remain open until 10:00 p.m. at no additional charge.

To learn more about the Kiwanis Centennial Project and the impact the lighting phase will have on the visibility of Vulcan at night, contact Morgan Berney Black, Director of Marketing and Public Relations by emailing mblack@visitvulcan.com.