Vulcan Park & Museum appreciates your support and dedication to see the successful launch of the ‘Stand With Vulcan’ distinctive car tag. Vulcan Park Foundation was not able to secure 1,000 pre-commits to make the ‘Stand With Vulcan’ Class 2 license plate design available by June 30, 2022. We were, however, successful in securing 480 registered Alabama vehicles, so we are halfway to our goal, and we will continue to secure the remaining 520 to get the tag produced in 2023. In the meantime, while we continue to secure the remaining pre-commits, we did reach the minimum 250 pre-commits needed to begin production of the Class 1 tag design.

Below is the new proposed Class 1 tag design that is currently in production with the Alabama Department of Revenue. The tag will be available in October 2022. If you provided a valid Alabama Registered vehicle, you will receive an email with a voucher directly from the Alabama Department of Revenue with the next steps. You will take that voucher to your issuing office to pick up your NEW Stand With Vulcan tag.

We need your help to secure the remaining pre-commits to get the original beautiful Class 2 design fulfilled. Please help us spread the word! It is our hope that Vulcan can not only continue to stand for all of Birmingham but all of Alabama for many years to come.

Help spread the word to see the original design on vehicles across Alabama!