September 14, 2023

Vulcan Park & Museum Participating in global play event presented by Nickelodeon and The Association of Children’s Museums

Vulcan Park & Museum will participate in Our World: Worldwide Day of Play by hosting an event on September 30 from 10:00A to 1:00P focused on play. VPM features play with lawn games, art, food and even mascot ‘V’ will make an appearance.

“Play is a powerful experience that enriches people’s lives in museums, schools, homes, and beyond,” states Arthur G. Affleck, III, executive director of the Association of Children’s Museums. “ACM is pleased to partner with Nickelodeon on amplifying the importance of play on wellbeing and healthy brain development, and to make learning more effective and joyful for everyone. As children’s museums, we believe in the power of play, and we strive to nurture more play and playful learning everywhere we go.”

“Worldwide Day of Play is a celebration of imagination, history, and the joy of discovery,” states Pamela Hamrick, director of operations of Vulcan Park & Museum. “As we come together to explore the rich tapestry of our past and ignite the sparks of curiosity in the hearts of our future, we remind ourselves that play is not just a break from reality; it’s a bridge to a brighter, more connected world.”

Our World: Worldwide Day of Play is part of Nickelodeon’s Our World global initiative to inspire kids and provide them with tools to activate their individual and collective agency.  As part of a network of more than 300 ACM member children’s museums who reach millions of families in North America, and the more than 1,000 museums participating in Museums for All, a national access initiative that ACM manages, Vulcan Park & Museum is a vital collaborator in the Our World: Worldwide Day of Play.

For a list of all participating Our World: Worldwide Day of Play events and more information about the initiative, please visit