January 25, 2018

Trees for Kiwanis Centennial Park



Trees for Kiwanis Centennial Park project being own in for planting Jan. 26

Who? — Kiwanis Club of Birmingham Centennial Park at Vulcan Park and Museum

What? – Fly in of trees for planting in the new Centennial Park area.

When? — Jan. 26, Mid Morning – 10:00 am

Where? — Vulcan Park and Museum – Overlook area – 1701 Valley View Dr.


(Please no drones)

As part of the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham’s Centennial Park improvement project at Vulcan Park and Museum, the tree planting is a sign that one of the signi cant phases of the project is near completion. In Nov. 2016, and in celebration of the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham’s 100th-year anniversary, the civic club broke ground on the project to enhance Vulcan’s role as the heart of the new and dynamic Birmingham. The goal of the project is to reconnect Vulcan to Downtown Birmingham both phyically and visually, create the Kiwanis Centennial Park, a municipal park and a community-wide event space as well as to complete the Kiwanis/Vulcan Trail to Green Springs Highway. The lighting phase of the project will be completed later this summer.