November 28, 2023

Support Vulcan Park Foundation

GivingTuesday reimagines a world built by YOUR generosity. Vulcan Park Foundation recently heard a story of a young family whose daughter was admitted to Children’s of Alabama Hospital faced with a frightening and challenging health crisis. Vulcan’s lights could be seen from her hospital window. Her mom shared with us later, “His presence was calming and stabilizing. He was a positive force we came to rely on.”

Vulcan is a symbol of perseverance and possibility.

Vulcan has also created powerful memories and witnessed countless impactful events in our lives for over a century: birthdays, proposals, celebrations of life, weddings, and graduations, to name a few.

Since 2004, our educational programs have reached over 2 million visitors:
• School field trips
• Museum providing informative and compelling insights into our city’s history and growth
• Commissioned plays and programs focused on our city’s historical figures
• Historical and architectural walking tours
• Annual rotating exhibits on local history highlighting significant communities and featuring historic material from the Vulcan Park Foundation’s collection

One of the greatest joys Vulcan witnesses firsthand is the delight and wonder of our visitors.

Chris Hale, a long-time admirer of Vulcan from afar said, “I climbed the stairs, I looked out over the area and felt at peace, and I was reminded that I have a future.”

Greeted with fanfare and adoration in 1904 when he represented Birmingham, Alabama at the St. Louis World’s Fair, Vulcan remains steadfast as the iconic symbol of who we are, connecting people and representing the character of our communities.

Thank you for creating opportunities each year for thousands from our city, state, region, nation, and the world!

Vulcan will celebrate his 120th birthday in 2024! Thanks to the support of our community he has persevered and continues to be a beacon of strength and hope for all of us. Please take a moment right now and consider making a gift today of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or an amount right for you to Vulcan Park and Museum.

Your support spreads far beyond the Vulcan Park and Museum grounds.

Your gift supports Birmingham’s diverse history and culture and enriches the lives of all ages through educational programs onsite, in the classroom, outside, and virtually!

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