Kiwanis Centennial Park

Restoring the North Side

Beginning in May of 2017, the Kiwanis Centennial Park Project broke ground with the vision to strengthen Vulcan’s bond with Downtown Birmingham, as well as fortify an extension to Vulcan Trail. In honor of the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham’s 100th year, this redevelopment project presents many opportunities for the visitors of Vulcan Park and Museum by creating a second entrance to the park and restoring the northern staircase providing entry for pedestrians. Moreover, Vulcan Trail currently ends at 11th Pl S., but has plans to be extended to Green Springs Highway thus increasing the trail distance to two miles. The trail will serve as a hub for the planning of 750 miles of Birmingham’s Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System. As an added bonus, the Kiwanis Centennial Park will include a dynamic light show that will further brighten Vulcan’s presence in the Birmingham Skyline. This restoration project has been completed and is a bright and connects Vulcan with downtown Birmingham. Be sure to stop by and see the new addition!

Updates Underway at Vulcan Park and Museum 

Museum embarks on transformation projects 

For more than 113 years, Vulcan, the Roman god of the forge, has stood for Birmingham representing unity and prosperity. And, for 13 of those years, Vulcan Park and Museum has served as a unique experience and gathering place for the Birmingham community as well as for many thousands of visitors that are welcomed annually. Much to the excitement of Vulcan Park Foundation and the staff of Vulcan Park and Museum, our visitors and patrons have proven that they want more of Vulcan! Over the next few months, Vulcan Park and Museum, along with the City of Birmingham, is embarking on several rejuvenation projects that will better meet the needs of our visitors and far exceed their expectations.

A Snapshot of Growth:

The museum gift shop inside Vulcan Center has more than exceeded its original goals. We have been able to diversify an abundance of local products to feature in our store. The completed project was able triple the previous space. This has allowed the capability to offer our visitors, and the community, a greater opportunity to take home a piece of Vulcan and Birmingham as well as another option to shop local. “The Anvil: Gifts Forged in Alabama, Loved Everywhere.”

Additionally, the demand to visit the park alone has surpassed anticipations of what could be when the park reopened in 2004. To better welcome our visitors, a new, state-of-the-art ticket booth has been built at the entrance of the park and the visitor information desk inside the museum, operated by the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Vision For the Future:

When Vulcan Park Foundation reopened Vulcan Park and Museum in 2004, one comprehensive mission was crafted to lay the groundwork for the future of the organization and to pave the way for its enormous potential:

To preserve and promote Vulcan as the symbol for the Birmingham region, to advance knowledge and understanding of Birmingham’s history and culture, and to encourage exploration of the region.

With progress underway, this mission still holds true and will not be compromised, only enhanced. Upon completion, visitors will have an incredible new local shop to explore and a better facility to enrich their Vulcan experience.