For  a limited time, Vulcan Park Foundation is now offering the ‘Stand With Vulcan’ distinctive car tag, free of charge to the first 1,000 registered vehicles!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I personalize the tag?  

If you plan on personalizing the license plate when it becomes available, check the box next to the message upon completing your pre-commit form 

Please note that personalized license plate messages may not be requested until the number of required pre-commitments are received for the specialty license plate category. 

There is no additional charge to personalize a distinct tag! 

  • Is VPM Membership required to get the ‘Stand with Vulcan tag? 

You do not have to be a Vulcan Park & Museum member to purchase the ‘Stand with Vulcan’ distinctive tag. 

  • When will I get my tag? 

After June 30, 2022, If VPM is successful in obtaining the requisite number of 1,000 precommitments, license plates will be made available for order through the license plate issuing officials offices and a pre-commitment redemption voucher will be emailed to applicants who have completed the form and paid the $50 fee. Please make sure that you enter an accurate, valid email address when submitting the form. 

  • What if I do not have a valid email address? 

Please notify Amanda Hare, Marketing & Public Relations Manager, at (205) 203-4824 and she will be able to submit on your behalf and mail your voucher or print in office for you to come by and pick up, once the required number of pre-commitments have been met. 

  • What if VPM does not get 1,000 pre-commits? 

If VPM does not receive the required number of pre-commitments within the one-year pre-commitment period but does receive the required number of pre-commitments for Quantity Class 1 status (250 or more pre-commitments), VPM may change its application to Quantity Class 1 status and submit a new generic license plate design.  

 If VPM does not reach 250 pre-commits, the $50 donation will go toward funding Vulcan Park Foundation. 

  • Can I go by the DMV office and pre-commit in person? 

New distinctive license plates are printed on demand when ordered and are not maintained in licensing offices. However, you can pre-commit online by visiting and completing the form. 

  • What if I just purchased a vehicle, can I still pre-commit? 

Absolutely! Simply fill out the pre-commit form and pay the $50 fee. If the vehicle is registered to you, you are good to go! 

  • How much is the tag and how are the proceeds used? 

Supporters may purchase the ‘STAND WITH VULCAN’ tag for $50Of that amount, $41.25 will go directly to Vulcan Park Foundation to ensure Vulcan stands proud atop Red Mountain for future generations to enjoy. The remainder covers materials and production costs for the distinctive tag. 

  • Is my information secure? 

Yes! Vulcan Park & Museum’s site is secure, and the information is submitted directly to the DMV. We simply take the hassle out of the process by conveniently offering sign-up through our secure website. However, you can pre-commit online through the dmv directly, by visiting and completing the pre-commit form. 

  • Who can I contact with additional questions? 

Amanda Hare, Marketing & Public Relations Manager at or (205) 203-4824 is the contact person for any additional questions.