A. Vulcan Park and Museum is the owner of all intellectual property pertaining to the Vulcan Statue likeness. Vulcan Park and Museum takes great pride in the newly reconstructed Vulcan Park and Museum and Vulcan Statue and its preservation as an important icon of the city of Birmingham.

B. If you wish to use the likeness (photo, sketch, drawing, etc.) of Vulcan or the word “Vulcan” you must contact our Marketing/Public Relations department and obtain a license for use of the Vulcan Statue likeness and/or use of the Vulcan® trademark prior to sending out any advertising and/or utilizing Vulcan icons in association with your business or organization.

C. Uses that require you to obtain a license include (but not limited to) commercials, advertisements, websites, presentations, brochures, flyers, and merchandise items where you wish to use Vulcan Statue likeness, photo, sketch or drawing. Photos on this website are copyrighted and may NOT be downloaded or used without written permission from Vulcan Park and Museum.

Licensing/Trademark Request